Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Update on Evan

Some pics of Evan clowning around in Toys r'us Mid Valley during Halloween.

Evan turned 27 months recently. He's very good with his shee shee & poo poo. Only needs diapers when he goes to sleep. Sleeps better at night.... no more midnight nen-nen snacking. He can sing a variety of songs and rhymes.

Evan's favourite phrases :
1) Oh look! Look! what's that? It's a.... (when he sees something interesting)
2) Where are you? (when he's looking for someone)
3) The end.....(at the end of the book)
4) Show mommy (when he wants to show me something)
5) Pleeeeease mommy, pleeeease....... (when he's asking for something)
6) Drink nen-nen over there (when he stirs in the early morning and wants some comforting to get back to sleep)
7) Shee shee potty! (when he needs to go)
8) oh oh, oh no! what happened? (exclaimations)

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eskay said...

heya..evan's growing up so fast. He's looking so much taller than 2 weeks ago!! Haven't hv time to watch the dvd, but hopefully soon la.See ya!