Sunday, March 1, 2009

Echo Microphone

I bought this echo microphone from Gymboree in January. The echo microphone doesnt require any batteries but when you speak into it - it ampliflies your voice just like the way a microphone does. I've seen Think Toys selling echo microphones too - less than RM30 each. Interesting item to have around.

Evan was first exposed to the echo microphone when he attended a trial music class at Gymboree. He was shy and didnt want to speak into the microphone. The facilitator asked him to sing a song and he declined but he was able to repeat the sounds as requested by the facilitator.

I slowly introduced him to the microphone after that and initially he was shy but after a few attempts I can easily conduct an interview with him using the microphone. Just recently Evan even sang a song which he learnt from school holding the microphone just like in a performance! The favourite song : 10 little Indian boys.... with actions!

Boy was I pleased to have succeeded in getting him to sing and talk using the microphone.... it's a great confidence builder and he's not so self-conscious anymore.

Recent developments in my ebay store : I've become a reseller for Fabulous Mom breastfeeding items eg nursing bras, tanks, ponchos, breastmilk storage bags, cooler bags etc etc etc.
I've also been approached by Eric Tan - who stays in Block 2 (of the same condo) to sell wooden toys, puzzles and IQ games. So will be slowly listing them up - there will be lots of Thomas & friends toys!

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Anonymous said...

may i know where is think toys? is this echo microphone still available now?