Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Angry Birds Lantern Parade

Angry Birds are everywhere! Even on lanterns for the Mid-Autumn Festival this year. I found these sturdy paper lanterns at a stationery shop in PJ Old Town. It has an internal glowing light which changes color from red to blue once it's switched on. No irritating melodies like some of the battery-operated plastic lanterns available in the market. Price was RM6.50 each. Comes with a retractable plastic stick with hook.

We had a short lantern parade in the vicinity of our condo.  No other children were out with their lanterns at all but there were adults swimming and exercising at the gym. 

Hubby and I had lanterns too - the traditional candle lit ones!


A Mom's Diary said...

Love your Angry Bird lanterns. Mum got the girls the battery operated ones, and yeah, the songs are so irritating. And it costs twice as much as the nice ones you've got.

shoeluva said...

I like those angry birds lanterns! That was cool for Mid Autumn, brilliant!