Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Celebrations in the month of May

My mom turned the big 70 on 7th May this year. So I planned a surprise cake for her. I invited my parents over to my place on Mother's Day which fell on May 12th. The cake was completed in the nick of time just before they arrived at my home. 

We reserved a table for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants: Dancing Fish, BSC. I managed to sneak the birthday cake into the car & into the restaurant without my mom suspecting anything! After dinner, the staff brought out the cake as a surprise! 

The cake was a 2-tier cake, base tier was a dummy so I had ample time to decorate that tier in advance. The upper tier was real cake i.e. vanilla butter cake with strawberry jam in between the layers - very delicious! The design of the cake was inspired by a similar cake I saw done by a cake designer based in Paris. 7 butterflies with the 7 colors of the rainbow..... to signify 70 years of good health and colorful memories! 

The 3 grandchildren posing after dinner in front of a toy shop. My nephew on the left also celebrated his birthday in May - on the tenth. I made him a 2-tier cake to mark the occasion.

Then the very next day, 13th May, I celebrated my own birthday! Dear hubs bought me a strawberry japanese cheesecake as a surprise since he can't bake nor decorate a cake. Yums! The cake was very light and yummy! 

Before bidding farewell to the month of May, hubs and I will be travelling to Tanjong Jara Resort to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! The actual date is in June but we decided to celebrate early! It will be the first time that we will be away sans kids. That will be my next blog post! 

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