Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Both Hubby and I took some time to come up with this blog title - which we think is an embodiment of the essence of parenting. So basically i will blog about parenthood. Occasionally Hubby will be a guest blogger.

So why Ph.D in Parenting (Prayers, Hugs & Diapers)?
Prayers : The Spiritual aspect must not be left out in the child's development. We want to raise a godly child with God's help!
Hugs : Not just the physical hugs but love and affection, also for comfort and encouragement.
Diapers : Basically it represents all the needs of an infant/toddler/child eg feeding, bathing etc

So why not Pampers, Huggies & Drypers?
Hey! There must be more to parenthood than dealing with your child's valsalvic movements 24/7!
Made myself clear?


Sock Hooi said...

Hi there... Great title! Must thank SK for bringing me to ur blog.

hui-wearn said...

Thanks! Hope you check back often! Looking forward to meet up soon!