Sunday, July 15, 2007

Peter Pan

"Tinker Bell? Can you please spare me some pixie dust? I want to transfer ALL the toys and books here to Never Land!" - Peter Pan

Evan is dressed up as Peter Pan. I bought this costume on ebay. It's actually from the Disney Store in the US. This set comes complete with hat, tunic, pants, belt and shoe covers.

Evan has a Peter Pan little golden book bought at Pay Less Books - it's second-hand but still looks as good as new. He loves flipping through the pages looking for Captain Hook. He also does this to his Disneyland Paris souvenier book which has pages on Captain Hook.


Wei Chung said...

daddy shall be captain hook? eeheheh

Sock Hooi said...

cool...... ;-)
hey, first pic's smile, sebijik macam mommy.