Friday, October 19, 2007

Puzzled over Puzzles

Evan turns 26 months on 18th Oct. Lately he has been doing some puzzles. I started him off with a Dora The Explorer 8-pc woodboard puzzle. No sweat - and he loves doing the puzzle over and over again. Then we progressed to a Mickey & Minnie Puzzle which i bought from Jigsaw Puzzle World. This time it's 20 pcs in a frame tray. this is one of his favourites. I bought another 2 smaller puzzles : 9pcs and 16pcs - Barney & Dora again. Evan also enjoys doing his Cookie Monster 20pcs frame tray puzzle. This puzzle is the hardest among all. I thought of keeping it till he's 3 years (as written on the puzzle for 3+) but since he's such a pro already why not let him have fun playing with it?


Wei Chung said...

gambar mana??

Wei Chung said...
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Wei Chung said...

anyway, paik ling has set up a blog as well. do have a visit when u are free:) she even linked ur blog site to hers:)