Friday, October 12, 2007

Love is in the Air

First up was a wedding dinner at Parkroyal Hotel. I dressed up Evan in a vest and bow-tie. The short pants that came together as a set was too tight for him so he wore this pair of corduroys instead. Dapper and smart! Before the wedding dinner, we drove to Pavillion nearby to check it out. Well, nothing to shout about but the place was very modern and spacious. Then we attended Dr Poon Joy Kwan & J'nie's wedding celebration.

Next up within the same week was Evan's Kai-Ma's(Godma) wedding dinner on October 7th. I dressed him up again in a black white Mickey vest (bought on ebay malaysia for RM10 - second hand) and a bow-tie (new from Bangsar Village). He also wore new shoes from Treehouse which I had bought a few months back in anticipation of a flurry of formal events like this one. The dinner was the BEST that i've ever attended in the sense that it started not too late, food was good, met up with lots of friends and the gu-zheng music was so entertaining and not jarring to the ears. Alan Tam was the gu-zheng soloist who performed that night. We also had him for our wedding 4 years ago and he could recognize us too! Congratulations Siok Keim and Min Wei!

This is Siok Keim - all decked up in bridal finery! She had her marriage registration done on 9th October followed by the Chinese custom of 'fetching the bride', tea ceremony etc. An eye opener for me because i didnt do any of that during my wedding. There were lots of photos taken but i only have this nice one in my camera..... what to do ...... got to keep an eye on Evan..... who happily jumped on Siok Keim's new bed. Will post the other photos as soon as I get them from Siok Keim. My brother Sau-Wern's wedding is up next......

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eskay said...

Wah!!!U got my pic up already!! Evan left his dino toy at my place. Got a souvenir for u from Phuket. Some photos to pass to u later. Will upload the rest on flickr n send the link to u. Still busy clearing up the room. Shall drop by ur place next week or the following one. Thanks for taking the time n effort to attend my wedding!!!