Thursday, December 13, 2007

Evan's New Bed

This is a pic of Evan jumping around and falling on his butt wearing his bugs bunny bedroom slippers! Time for bed!

We bought Evan's new bed from Ikea : Leksvik Extendable Bed with 3 different lengths to extend to. We paid about RM650 for everything including the delivery and assembly service. On the day his bed arrived he was sooooo excited! I took out his cotbed mattress and placed it on his bed for use temporarily. We ordered a custom-made latex mattress from Safe & Sound which will arrive next week. Evan's cotbed mattress is also from Safe & Sound but it was standard size and works really well. Anti-bacterial/dustmites and easy to clean/wash. Evan slept in his bed that night itself. No problems at all. In fact he has been sleeping through the night for the past few nights! No waking up for nen-nen or comforting. Hurray!

This is a pic of Evan taking his afternoon siesta.


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Hi, thanks for helping me out with the phone number of your son's pre-school. It is on my list, so I will call the principal & also visit the school. Thank you once again !!