Saturday, December 15, 2007


Rumahhku Cafe & Gallery is one of our favourite haunts for dinner. Easy parking - no charge and so near - just 10 minutes drive away along Jln Universiti opposite UM's Dental Faculty. Evan enjoys the papadams over there.

The menu is local fare - specializing in Indian food. There's also Chinese and Malay food and a few Western dishes. They also provide catering service. We catered from them for Evan's first birthday party last year.

Larry ordered his favourite coconut drink - which is a very refreshing and cooling choice. He tried the fish head noodles that day - which was ok. Usually Larry likes to order the Briyani dinner sets or Masala thosai.

As for me, my all time favourite and only available for dinner on Tuesdays and Fridays is the String Hopper set - RM5.50. Comes with 2 pcs of putumayam and choice of fried potatoes or fried egg. I usually take both choices and they charge me additional RM1.00. Chinese dishes are also available to go with steamed rice. Portions are either regular or large.
We usually spend less than RM20 here for dinner which is a good the place is cosy and clean and toilets are easily accessible - for Evan to wash his hands and use the loo!


Neelum said...

Hi, I chanced upon your blog during my hunt for a pre-school for my son. I would like to know about the L'il beansprout Montessori. Please send me their number if possible. I am new in town & have a bored baby :( I need help !!!

Wei Chung said...

nice advert for rumahku! eh, charge them for advert fee liao~ lol..

anyway, its certainly a good place for a nice cosy homely dinner :)