Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Huiwearn Kids Store

It's been 2 months already since the opening of my very first ebay store : Huiwearn Kids Store Books Toys More. I started off on ebay Malaysia mainly buying stuff for Evan. Then I progressed to ebay USA for better variety and offers. I've also bought stuff on ebay UK.

Well, since I've been trading on ebay for awhile I thought of selling. Initially I was just selling old and used stuff eg VCDs and mags. Then I thought why not sell children's books? Most sellers offer children's clothes but hardly any books - so I've sourced for books at bargain prices mainly at warehouse sales and also special sales by local bookstores. Other items in my store include toys, clothes and used items.

My recent shipment of Gymboree clothes from the USA were taxed a hefty RM265! That's 20% for import duty and 10% sales tax! Ouch! Didn't know that I had to pay so much in taxes - nevertheless the clothes were soooooooo adorable that I've no regrets and will buy more in the near future (next time I will be using promotion coupons for extra discounts)! I've listed the new arrivals in my store - if you are into Gymboree clothes check them out!

Evan has started nursery again on 7th January 2008.


BTAM said...

Regarding the 20% tax...did the custom officer asked u to bribe him??..mine did..and of course i say no bribe..so i payed...sigh..i've checked from various resoerces that the tax duty of 20% will be released in d year 2018..looooooooooong way to go...

hui-wearn said...

my parcel was delivered by fedex and since the tax was less than RM500, it's standard for the courier company to pay on my behalf and then demand the payment from me when they deliver the parcel. never try to resort to bribery - honesty is the best policy!