Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sugar & Spice and everything Nice!

Say "Cheese!" - Evan gladly smiles for the camera. When asked whether he would like a baby boy or girl - he says baby boy! Well, I went for my detailed scan this morning and praise God! we are expecting a baby girl! My gynae did a thorough scan and all major organs are normal. Lastly she scanned to see the gender..... "Looks like a girl - just let me double confirm..." and after a few clicks..... " Yes - it's a girl alright - you got your wish! Can close shop huh?" Now we'll concentrate on choosing a name and start clearing out Evan's old closet. Plus I get to keep some Gymboree clothes that I purchased!


Wei Chung said...


some of the names which i think are fine:

Elaine, Edeline, Esther, and last but not least Mercedes!!

Sock Hooi said...

hey, that's great!!! wishes granted leh. :-)