Saturday, February 23, 2008

3D Fetal Scan

Went for my O&G follow-up appt and was scanned - as usual. This time it's a 3D scan. Really detailed - my gynae even commented that baby has a sharp nose! The pics that were scanned were copied into a CD for us.

This is another scan - 2D - I think this shows the baby's stomach. Anyway, she's growing normally and placenta is in a good position. Next check-up on 27th March.
Confirmed baby's Chinese name : Tjia Ern. Still mulling over Marissa, Naomi, Nadya, Angelica or Elisabeth..... any suggestions or comments?


Jin Neoh said...

I luv the name Marissa!! Unique la.. btw, i'm going to hkg next week for holiday. will be back the following week. See ya then!!

eskay said...

Ooops..that's my mum in law's a/c. Forgot to switch to mine...hehe