Thursday, March 27, 2008

Updates on Evan & Pregnancy

Attended my gynae appt today - already 27 weeks - and 65.5kg..... Baby growing well - according to my gynae, during the scan, it's still XX. Baby weighs about 1 kg - which is good. Placenta position is posterior - which is also good too. Praise God for all the good news! Next appt at 30 weeks and then it's fortnightly follow-ups....

Evan has completely stopped breastfeeding. Actually he stopped some time ago but he was still comfort sucking every now and then and sometimes just to get to sleep. For the past one week already, he has not sucked and has no problems with sleeping. No more asking for nen-nen. However, he's always playing with my belly button (which he likes to do when comfort sucking or breastfeeding). He's also more clingy and manja as he knows about the impending arrival of his baby sister. Larry and I have more or less finalise the name..... Marissa Au-Yong Tjia Ern. Well, only setback to this name is that most people will confuse it with Melissa..... otherwise it's a pretty sweet name.

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