Friday, June 20, 2008

Marissa's here!

June 15th : admission to Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar
Reason......waterbag burst and leaking amniotic fluid. We were at KLCC Signature Foodcourt for dinner when I felt a gush of water flowing out. Checked back home and noticed that I was also bleeding. More fluid gushed out too. Called my gynae promptly and she advised admission that night itself. Went straight to Labour room and spent the night there. Fetal monitoring throughout the night and no 'action' at all.... just little bit more leakage and bleeding. Dr Yap said she will check on me in the morning.

June 16th : Elective C-section by Dr Yap Moy Juan & Dr Patrick Chia
Reason...... no progress in labour.... no contractions and cervix not was tested positive for Group B strep earlier.......
Epidural given by Dr Satber Kaur (painless procedure) so I was able to witness entire surgery.
Marissa was delivered at 2:30pm by Dr Patrick Chia who used all his 'lunch power' to pull Marissa out!

Larry took the photos with the camera in the OT itself. He felt rather squeamish watching the surgery so he preferred not to look but just sat near me. He didn't even take a photo of the placenta nor cut the umbilical cord.

Peace & quiet! Discharged from hospital on June 18th. Bilirubin levels were slightly high on 2nd day of birth so Marissa actually had phototherapy done.


Wei Chung said...

congratulations!! i guess mum and maid are up in kl to help out? didnt call back for 3 weeks already due to busy schedule :p was in switzerland and italy for the weekends.

got larry's msg while i was at work :) do take care :) cant wait to picit her cheeks.. muahahha!!

chanelwong said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl....

eskay said...

Sorry I couldn't make it last week. Really looking forward to see u n baby...will try this weekend ya... Congrats again!!