Monday, June 30, 2008

Confinement Cuisine

I ordered confinement meals from Peiling Confinement Services for a period of 30 days. Made the order in December last year after a food tasting session at their center. Total cost for the meals inclusive of delivery is about RM2200. Everyday the delivery man would send over the above items : 1.5l of Red date tea, Lunch & Dinner. All packed in microwaveable containers.

This is a sample of my lunch menu : mixed brown rice & multi-grain rice, 1 vegetable dish & 1 meat dish. Vege is usually some dark leafy green ones stir-fried with ginger. Meat is either fish, chicken or pork - cooked with wine and ginger too. Lots of wolfberries (keichi) and other nutritious stuff added. I usually like the food for lunch. Dinner is rice, meat and herbal soup. The herbal soup is also very fragrant with dong quai and other herbs. The servings are rather big and sometimes my mom will help me finish the food.

With lots of nice food around ... and lack of exercise due to 'confinement' at home, I may be putting on weight instead of losing it! Well, Marissa has got to help me shed those excess pounds away (by breastfeeding!)..... still have this flabby tummy with streaks of stretch marks all over! aaarrggghhhh! I need retail therapy - and the only retail therapy I can find for now is ebay! Speaking of ebay, business for June is the best ever!

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BuffaFly said...

mega sale starts this weekend till sept so you still have plenty of time for retail therapy...and walking to shed those pounds!