Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Gruffalo

Currently Evan's favourite bedtime stories are from award-winning author : Julia Donaldson & illustrator : Axel Scheffler. I purchased these 2 paperback books at a warehouse sale some time back - feeling lucky to have found them there in the midst of the madness associated with warehouse sales!

The Gruffalo tells the story of a Little Brown Mouse who walks through the deep dark wood. The entire book is told in rhymes and makes it very easy for kids to remember the story. Evan could even tell the story just by looking at the illustrations.
Well, back to the mouse, he was a cunning little fellow who made up the so-called monster : The Gruffalo so as to scare away his predators. Later, the mouse got a huge shock when his make-believe monster actually exists and threathens to eat him up! But the cunning mouse has more tricks up his sleeve! I won't reveal the ending but it's really such an interesting read even for me as an adult.

This is the other book that I mentioned - the sequel to The Gruffalo : The Gruffalo's Child. Brilliant as well. Evan loves this book too and he will sometimes 'read' the book to his grandparents instead of the book being read to him.

This is another book : paperback as well : The Gruffalo's Song & other Songs. The CD contains several of Julia Donaldson's songs sung and performed by herself. Evan's favourite is of course The Gruffalo's song. The lyrics are actually from the books describing the Gruffalo.

Since he enjoyed the Gruffalo so much, I decided to buy another highly acclaimed book from Julia Donaldson : Room on the Broom. Managed to find the paperback version of the book in mint condition from 1 Utama MPH during the Jimat Sales. Sometimes it can be really hard to find books in mint condition as most would be damaged/shows major shelf wear. True enough, Evan enjoyed Room on the Broom too ( I did too!). So it looks like I will be getting more books from Julia Donaldson in the future! Will try to get more copies for sale in my ebay store as well (sold 4 Julia Donaldson books already so far.... all sold out!). Other series I am looking at are Charlie & Lola books by Lauren Child.


Pauline S said...

Hi Hui Wearn. I was blog hopping and found your blog. My girls loves the books that I have bought from you so far. Please bring in more Charlie & Lola too.

hui-wearn said...

Nice to see you here! Just to let you know Charlie & Lola books will be in next month, as well as the Gruffalo, Gruffalo's Child & Room on the Broom (book & CD) Thanks for your support!

Pauline S said...

Can't wait to see the new let me know once the stock arrived!