Sunday, August 23, 2009

TJC Sports Day

Tadika Juara Cerdik organised its bi-annual SPORTS DAY on 22nd August 2009. I was requested by Evan's class teacher to prepare some finger food for the kids so I decided to prepare cheese sandwiches cut into flowers & 'Toodles' with the school's initials : TJC.

This was Evan's 2nd Sports Day. Here he is holding his class Jasmine's placard - leading his classmates who marched single file onto the school field ( SRJK(C) Yuk Chai).

Canopy tents were put up for the parents & kids. Great weather that day! Only a slight shower towards the end of the event.

Evan's event was : A Fish Tale. He was in RED team. He had to use a 'fishing rod' to hook a 'fish' from the tub and then walk on the balance beam to feed the 'shark' with the 'fish'.

Hurray! Gold Medal for my efforts!

Evan was very excited and he said he felt like Mulan who received a medal from the Emperor for her heroic deeds. He also thought he was like Special Agent Oso who received a 'Digi-medal' for completing his 'special assignment'!

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