Friday, April 15, 2011

Dinosaur Party

Priscilla emailed me an invite to Joseph's Dino Party about a month ago. Naturally, Evan was so excited! He absolutely loves parties so much so that he can't stop talking about his coming LEGO 6th birthday party (August) - which is still in the planning stage. Anyway, back to the Dino Party, it started at 5pm on a nice cool Sunday evening. Marissa was really down with a nasty virus and she only woke up fifteen minutes past five o clock. We rushed there and managed to be on time for the action song and performance by Uncle Billy the Clown....who is actually Joseph's uncle!

This time Uncle Billy performed a whole lot of new tricks which were so entertaining and funny. Evan certainly enjoyed himself as he was picked to assist in one of the tricks. I was surprised that he participated in all the singing, games etc. I thought he would be running around instead. 

The kids also had some games coordinated by Uncle Billy with prizes to be won. After all that fun, it was cake cutting time! The birthday cake was a Japanese cheesecake with a prehistoric scene of ferocious dinosaurs overturning cars..... and a volcano spewing out chocolate lava. Food was catered  - pasta, mashed potatoes, sausages, cupcakes, sandwiches etc. Evan was very happy that one of his ASP friends, Clarysse was there as well. 

All the kids wearing their special handmade dino party hats and roaring like dinosaurs! 

The kids were all given a custom made magnetic photo frame with a thank you note from Joseph. Needless to say, Evan enjoyed himself the most! Me too!

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BuffaFly said...

Glad Evan enjoyed himself. Uncle Billy told me he dared to do new tricks coz he dare use Joe's party as testing ground coz he know I won't sue him :-)