Thursday, July 8, 2010

Smocked Dresses

I used to wear lots of smocked dresses when I was a little girl and my mother sewed most of them! She was quite a pro with the sewing machine those days. She even sewed chinese style samfoo for her own mother - my late grandma. 

While waiting for my SPM (or was it my STPM?) results, my mother got me to attend sewing classes with a seamstress. I learnt how to draft patterns and cut cloth. Sewed them into a blouse & skirt - which I wore myself.... but I was not really that interested (I preferred cross stitching). So, I only lasted a few months at sewing classes.

Now that I have a daughter of my own, I absolutely love to dress her up in smocked dress! I also bought smocked rompers/overalls/shirts for Evan too - all from the USA as none are available locally.
Last month, I discovered 2 local online stores selling handsewn smocked dresses : Exclusive Smocking based in Sarawak and Little Girls Closet based right here in KL. Of course, if you are looking for ready-made ones, I stock NWT Gymboree smocked dresses & tops at Cupcake Chic Children's Boutique. Anyway, here's a mini fashion show of the new smocked dresses!


prince n princess mum said...

cutie in sweet dresses

Caitlynn said...

Wow! so lovely and nice! I can't wait to fit into such dresses too someday! :-D

shoeluva said...

Aww, pretty darling!