Friday, July 29, 2011

Ballet for Marissa

Marissa wanted to attend ballet classes so I obliged her by sending her for a trial class.
I called up Sri Wilyah Ballet at TTDI and the receptionist told me to come to look at the school and she even stressed that the school has ballet classes for 3 year olds. But when we went there....... we spoke to one of the teachers there : Ms Alice Yap, and she said there were none! According to her the receptionist was new and actually gave us the wrong info. Ms. Alice told me that we can bring Marissa to her own dance studio : Sole to Soul Dance Studio at Sea Park. She has a class for toddlers. Marissa will need to be assessed to see if she's ready for class or not. Unfortunately the class is on a Friday evening and being the blur driver/map reader that I am, I am not confident of driving there with the kids by myself. So, we decided to send Marissa for a trial class at Jean Gan Academy of Ballet at Uptown, which happens to fall on a Thursday - which is hubby's off day. 

Above are the pics taken at Jean Gan Academy of Ballet. The baby ballet class is for 45 minutes. About 10 girls in the class. All dressed up in a ballet dress (white with pink bow) and bloomers and ballet shoes. I was in the trial class throughout and so I got to observe what was being taught. I find that the teacher was just going through the motions. She just wants to the class over with and proceed to the next class. Not very patient and whenever the children asks questions, she tells them to keep quiet. Marissa was OK during the class as this was her first time, I think she was quite blur.

At the end of the class, the teacher zoomed off to another class upstairs. Then the receptionist gave me a VCD of one of their charity concert - Dance Galore 2005. She explained to me the fees & what are the items that I must purchase before class. Trial classes are FREE.

I wasn't so satisfied with the class so I decided to call up Sole to Soul Dance Studio. I brought Marissa for their baby ballet class the following day, I had trouble finding the way but thanks to the friendly staff of STSDS, I managed to make it on time. Again, the trial class was free. Alice - the principal and artistic director of STSDS conducts all the ballet classes there. I went in to the class together with Marissa. I was very impressed with Alice's style of teaching. She could connect with the children and makes the class very fun. Her passion for ballet and teaching clearly shines through. 

After the one-hour class, she advised me to start Marissa when she's older because as of now, she's still too young. Can't focus so well yet. At times she gets too distracted and does her own thing rather than follow the class. So, I've told Marissa that and she accepted it without any fuss! For now, she is contented with watching ballet dances on TV and also reading Angelina Ballerina on the iPad!


Anonymous said...

She looks so cute with her hair clip and glasses!

CathJ said...

sooo cute... wish to have a girl.. ^_^

shoeluva said...

I think it is good to start her when she is older. Here in the UK, minimum age to start ballet is age 4.

Hui-Wearn said...

if she is still interested to learn by then, yes - she will have ballet classes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you had a bad experience. My friend and I started out girls at Jean Gan at Uptown but the Saturday morning class and they love the teacher and she loves them. Perhaps give it another go but try the Sat class?

Hui-Wearn said...

Marissa has just started on her baby ballet at Sole to Soul and so far no problems!