Monday, July 4, 2011


We found ourselves at Modesto's (The Curve) on a Thursday evening. The restaurant is tucked away in a corner just beside Big Apple Donuts. We chanced upon it when we needed to bring Marissa to poo-poo.

Ordered their signature crispy shredded duck served with steamed popiah skin, sauces, cucumber and spring onions. RM25 for a complete set. Extra popiah skins available at RM6.

The duck was very very well done! Marissa enjoyed munching on it too cos she loves all things crunchy.

We ordered a kid's meal for Evan: Pizza Tonne Fungi which is essentially thin crust pizza bread topped with tuna and mushrooms in a tomato-based sauce. Also very well done - yummy! He managed to eat 70% of the pizza. The rest went into Mommy and Daddy's tummy. The pizza comes with a soft drink and costs RM10 nett.

Highly recommended for their signature dish & kids' meals!