Monday, December 5, 2011

Everything Lego!

For Lego enthusiasts - Bangsar Village II is currently having a Lego Star Wars exhibition (free entry) opposite Zara. There are large scale models of various scenes taken from Star Wars movies e.g. The Battle of Hoth, Planet Endor and The Pod Race.  

There's also a section just outside the exhibition hall for Lego fans to build an 8-foot tall R2D2. Just purchase RM100 in a single receipt or donate RM20 to join this fund-raising activity. Each time R2D2 is completed, BVII will donate RM5000 to charity. So, the more people who join and help build R2D2, the more money BVII will donate. The target is about RM60K. 

Taking advantage of the school hols and Christmas season, TRU is having a 50% off sale on all Lego Toy Story & Lego World Racers merchandise. Other selected Lego sets are on 30% discount. There are coloring contests during the weekends too - open to kids aged 7-12 yrs.  

As this post is about Lego, I would like to share my latest cake creation....
Lego brick cake and 9 cupcakes topped with real Lego minifigs and edible Lego bricks. The lego brick candle holder was specially made by me too. All this for my brother a.k.a. The Brick Boss.

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