Thursday, September 20, 2007

Doctor and Dentist

Evan went to see Dr. Koe Swee Lee for his Pneumococcal jab today. And for the first time ever he cried - well - for awhile! The jab was a bit tad painful i reckoned..... he was even pulling his arm and asking us to kiss and make it better! tsk tsk tsk.... his next jab is coming up soon - after chinese new year..... hopefully he will not create any fuss. This is Evan's favourite toy at the Paed's : Crocodile Xylophone.

Since Dr. Koe's clinic is just a stone's throw away from my workplace, Evan went for his 2nd dental visit too. Since he was pretty whiny and tired - we just let him play with the spitoon and polishing brush and off we head home.

His first dental visit was at 2 years old. He was co-operative enough to open wide but he wouldn't allow the polishing brush to enter his mouth. When hubby demonstrated the brush on the model teeth, Evan wanted to do the same too! Eventually we ended up polishing the model teeth instead of Evan's teeth! *slap head*

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Rayhana said...

Hi there,

I was wondering if you know Dr Koe's clinic hours? And whether she opens on Mondays?
I have a bad case of Mastitis and she seems to be the only certified Lactation Consultant I can see..