Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scooting Around

The kids had fun scooting at the badminton courts in our condo! We bought 2nd hand scooters and brand new protective gear which could be used when they graduate to bicycles in the future.

Marissa with her 3-wheel Mickey Mouse Clubhouse scooter! 
Barbie helmet, knee & elbow pads from Toys 'r' us.

Evan with his Hot Wheels 2-wheel scooter. 
Helmet, knee & elbow pads and wrist protector from Toys 'r' us as well.

Happily scooting around! And just because they have knee pads, they had to pretend to fall down to make use of it!


CathJ said...

That is cute...pretend to fall..hihi

shoeluva said...

Aww,too cute!