Monday, February 20, 2012

A Series of Firsts

Over the weekend, Marissa started her baby ballet classes at Sole to Soul Dance Studio. Bought her a leotard (RM55) and paid up the fees : RM20 for one-time registration and RM50 fully-refundable deposit (cos got cases of students who attend one or two classes and just disappear!). Class fees are RM60 monthly and if you start like in the middle of the month - the fees are pro-rated. 

She wore a pink tutu which came together with a ballet book I purchased some time ago.... and pre-loved ballet shoes (although shoes are not required). She could follow the instructions and it was evident that she had a good time dancing during the entire 45-minute class. 

Then on Sunday morn, Marissa attended children's church together with her brother. Previously, she didn't want to go or she would only just stay for the singing. This time she stayed on from the start to the finish! 

Evan started on the Specialist Music program at Anne Perreau's (now known as V & A Music Center). It's a weekly 2-hour class on music appreciation where the children (max 5-6 per class) will learn about composers, instruments and theory of music but in a fun way. There's a 15-minute snack time for the children to socialize too. His teacher is a very young, nice and patient lady : Ms. Phylicia. I sat in during the class - only 3 students present.... the other 2 being girls! They were so talkative - just like Evan! He was quite comfortable making friends with the girls though..... ahem!

He will attend this program first until he is ready to progress to the piano. Fees are based on terms i.e. 3 terms in a year and each term is 15 weeks. RM500 - refundable deposit required but no registration fees.

Sorry for the lack of photos - for the first time.... I forgot to bring my camera and didn't take any pics! 

Anyone knows where I can get a used WHITE upright piano? May need one in future!

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prince n princess mum said...

Wow! Hope she enjoy her class..