Monday, March 5, 2012


We visited Kidzania on Sunday - during their afternoon session from 4pm-9pm. It's the very first weekend since Kidzania opened on Tuesday 28th Feb. If I had a choice, I wouldn't go there during the weekends but since we received complimentary passes which were valid only for the weekend.....

Some general info on Kidzania:
Weekdays - only 1 session from 10am-5pm.
Weekends - 2 sessions : 10am-3pm and 4pm-9pm
Kidzania charges RM55 per kid from age 4-17. toddlers age 2-3 pay RM35 only.
Babies enter FREE. Adults need to accompany children below 8. Admission tickets  for adults cost RM35. For senior citizens, it's RM30. Foreigners pay more to enter.

Understandably, the queue was pretty long. It took us half and hour to get in. We had to get the 'boarding passes' to take a 'flight' to Kidzania. After that, all of us were tagged with a wristband. The kids received their cheque for 50 Kidzos.

First stop was the bank to cash the cheque! You can even open a bank account to deposit your money too. Any unused Kidzos can be kept there for next visit or you can just take the Kidzos back with you - which means a higher risk of losing it!

Marissa went to a fashion boutique for modeling classes! Had to pay 10 Kidzos for the class. The kids practiced sashaying and posing on a stage in the boutique. They get to choose an outfit to wear and apply make-up too. After all that practice, the kids get to 'work' at the theater (see pic above). Very nice stage!

Marissa paraded on stage solo and then she came out again with a partner. She wasn't a wee bit scared! After that, she was paid 8 Kidzos for the job. Total time spent there - 1.5 hours without us!

Evan wanted to be a policeman. So we took a queue number and when his turn came, he was very excited. He was assigned to look for clues together with 2 other boys. The entire stint came to an end within half hour after the task was done. After that we had dinner - which wasn't any good at all cos it was overpriced.... and we can't go out for dinner cos no re-entry allowed.

Next stop for Evan - the firehouse. Unfortunately he didn't get to put out the fire at the hotel during his session. Seems like it's only once every hour. So next time will try again. 8 Kidzos for working as a firefighter.

Marissa wanted to be dentist. She's probably the smallest and cutest one there! The kids were taught how to brush their teeth before they went on to check the dummy patient. Here she earned 12 Kidzos!

Evan decided to spend 10 Kidzos to scale up this wall! He just made it as the minimum height is 120cm. I must say he was very brave to climb up so high! But he didn't know how to come down cos he didn't pay attention when the Zupervisor explained to him. Anyway, he tried jumping down and managed to land on the ground. He bumped his left arm on the wall though but he was OK. Evan said he will try again on the other wall next time - there's another wall beside this one which is more difficult.

Next, Evan wanted to drive a car but he is too short to obtain a driving license. So, had to settle to being a mechanic at the car workshop. He checked the engine, changed a tyre and used a wrench. All that hard work earned him another 8 Kidzos.

Marissa decided to spend 10 Kidzos at the cooking school. The kids learnt how to prepare a love sardine sandwich. All kids brought back a heart-shaped sandwich cutter which they used during the class and their sandwiches wrapped in foil. While Marissa was busy learning to be a chef, Evan was busy delivering packages as a Poslaju courier guy. Ka-ching! Another 8 Kidzos!

Total for the day - Marissa still has her original 50 Kidzos left. We brought her to the souvenier shop and redeemed a toy for her. All toys at this shop costs 50 Kidzos. As for Evan, he ended up with a total of 76 Kidzos but it wasn't enough for him to buy a dart set which costs 300 Kidzos at the departmental store. So, he decided to save up for it. 

Last stop, we went to the Sony booth to see what the photographers have in store for us. After scanning our tags, we chose 3 photos (RM50). You can choose to have the photo become a jigsaw puzzle too but it's RM30 each. The softcopies of the pics will become available for download at Sony's website after 3 days.

There's still more to explore as the place is only 70% occupied. Quite a number of establishments were not operational e.g. The milk factory, ice cream factory, Dell notebooks, Sushi King.....  Next time, the kids will get to be pilots, work in a hospital, whip up a burger, be a judge, act in a show, be part of the CSI, be a manicurist etc. I forgot to mention that there are 2 establishments catering specially for the toddlers called Urbano. Lots of toys, books, ball pit, bouncy bedroom, kitchen, games room etc.

All of us had fun and we will certainly be back before Marissa's 4th birthday! 


Argentinadog said...

Wow...we SO gotta take our kids there too! :-D

prince n princess mum said...

We just went there on Sat.. It's definately fun!~

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog.
Just want to know how do you get the complimentary tickets for Kidzania?

Hui-Wearn said...

The complimentary passes were given during their pre-opening promotion whereby Kidzania organized a series of roadshows at The Curve - which involved photographing kids in costumes and then uploading the pics online at Kidzania website.

A Mom's Diary said...

This is the coolest place in town now huh? Will probably wait till the "fever" subsides a bit before making a trip. Besides, YY is definitely <120cm so may need to wait till she reaches 120cm so she can do all the activities.

Hui-Wearn said...

well, going once is surely not enough to cover ALL the activities. so, just go first and do whatever she can do.