Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Speech & Drama Class at KLPAC

Both the kids started on their first term of Pre-school Speech & Drama at The Actors Studio KLPAC. Decided to switch them from Blubricks Speech & Drama because.... the fees at KLPAC is much cheaper at RM250 per term compared to RM380. I didn't sign them up for KLPAC's classes earlier as they were only during the weekends i.e. Sat/Sun mornings and we can't make it at that time. Moreover, the weekend classes are now full (max 15 kids).

When one of the homeschooling mommies decided to approach KLPAC to start a new class on weekdays specially for homeschoolers, I was thrilled! The kids were also looking forward to their new class at KLPAC Sentul Park cos they get to feed the fish at the pond! See pics below:

Here's a pic of the class - 8 kids (the minimum requirement). Teacher : Ms. Kimmy Kiew. Evan was the oldest kids there. Actually he should be in the Beginners class instead of Pre-school but not enough quota so he joins the younger ones. Next year I will have to enrol him for the Beginners class - hopefully there will be more kids to form a class.

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