Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sole to Soul Annual Concert 2012

Sole to Soul Dance Studio's Annual Concert 2012 was held at MATIC, KL on 2 consecutive days. First day was on 15th September - a Saturday nite and then a matinee on Sunday. Evan participated in the concert as his class had a joint performance with the Grade 1 ballet students. He is currently at PID level. The title of their performance - Music Box Dancers with choreography by STSDS principal and ballet teacher : Ms Alice Yap.  Evan and Jayson were the 2 boys performing in the ballet.

Turning the music box key

 The ballerinas twirling in their music boxes

The ballerinas in pink are from PID and the blue ones are from Grade 1.

Evan had make up on!

Striking a pose

The 2 boys!

Suddenly the ballerinas turned into scary dolls
 The ballerinas stopped moving

Are the boys in trouble?

The ballerinas attacking the boys

The boys have the keys and they wind up the ballerinas

All back to normal

The ballerinas dance around the boys

 Final jumps


There were 3 other ballet performances as well - one by the PPID class - very cute! There was a classical ballet performed by the Grade 4 & 6 classes combined. And another classical offering by the adult ballet with 2 men dancing. Other performances include Hip Hop, New School Hip Hop, K-pop, Belly Dancing, Breakdance, Solo singing and wonderful performances by the Senior & Junior Dance Company. The last performance was a Gangnam Style one by the dance companies and the instructors.

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