Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Homeschoolers' Art & Craft Day

We attended the 2nd Homeschoolers' Art & Craft Show & Tell Day earlier this month. Missed the first event last year so this time we were determined to make it. It was held in a small function hall in one of the apartments. Homeschooling family: Julia made all the necessary arrangements for the event.

At this event, the kids get to showcase their art masterpieces. Evan decided on drawing Lego superheroes for display. He even built Lego art pieces! 

Evan and his work

 Marissa's artwork

The children also get to try out various art & craft 'workshops' conducted by older kids. They can also visit the various 'booths' selling handmade items - all set up by homeschoolers. We didn't have time to prepare a booth so we just browsed around and spent $$$. Evan & Marissa tried a bead workshop.

Here, Evan tried his hand at stone painting.

Other stalls/booths include cookie decorating, finger crochet, DIY photo frame kits, design your own fabric bag, sale of homemade cookies, bookmarks, face-painting and more! It was like a carnival!

There was also an art competition based on the theme of : Biodiversity and trophies were given out to winners. Again, we didn't take part in the competition due to lack to time ;P but there were lots of entries submitted for the judging on the day of the event. 

Overall, it was a good learning experience and fun too to catch up with homeschool families. Next big event will be Sports Day and we will set up a booth!

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