Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dental talk at Early Steps Learning Center

Larry was invited by Early Steps Learning Center to give a dental care talk on 20th March 2008, 10am-11.30am. This was the second time that Larry has given a talk there. The first time was 3 yrs ago. Early Steps is a center where they teach pre-school children with learning disabilities eg mentally retarded, autistic etc. The center was established about 8 years ago by a local church in Cheras. They got Larry's contact via Malaysian Care.

While the parents are busy listening to the talk, their little ones (including Evan) were occuppied with toys and activities in another room upstairs. This being a CG project, our church pastor, Robert Khaw and wife, Dorothy also attended. Our other CG members also graciously sponsored electric toothbrushes for the children. Evan was in good behaviour the entire morning, busy playing with the other children and I didnt have to be with him all the time and managed to listen to Larry's talk.

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