Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lil Beansprouts Visit to the Dentist

Larry and I helped Lil Beansprouts Montessori (the nursery that Evan attends) to organize a 'Visit to the Dentist'. It was held on Wednesday 19th March from 10-11am at Damansara Heights Dental Center. A total of 20plus kids and 10plus adults were present at the clinic for the visit. The children were divided into groups of 5-6 and entered the surgery room in batches. Evan was in the 3rd batch and he volunteered to have his teeth checked..... well just a check-up only - he didnt want his daddy to polish his teeth for him! So, we had another little girl who volunteered and was so co-operative. All in all about 5 batches entered the surgery room and one child from each batch had polishing done - without any crying at all!

Larry gave a simple demo on toothbrushing for the kids after the check-ups. The children will be having a group toothbrushing session at the nursery on Friday (Thursday being a public holiday). Q & A session also for the parents who were concerned about fluoride and other issues. All the children were rewarded with stickers for their co-operation. Hopefully they have learnt something valuable from this visit to the dentist.....

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