Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pregnancy Progress

I'm now 35 weeks into my pregnancy. Went for my gynae appt as usual on May 15th. Dr. Yap took a vaginal swab to check on me. The results came positive for Group B Streptococci - which is not good..... Started on a course of antibiotics (Augmentin 625mg bd 1/52). If the bacterial infection doesn't clear, my gynae advised that it's safer to go for a Caesarean as the baby may get infected with the bacteria causing pneumonia as it passes through the vagina in a natural birth. My next check up is on May 29th.... so will most probably be sending another swab sample to the lab for testing.... hopefully everything will be cleared!
Now, I'm tipping the scales at 68.5kg (baby Marissa weighs 2.4kg already). My feet has expanded due to water retention..... getting harder to walk fast and tire easily. Sleeping also can be quite uncomfortable! Wishing everything will be over soon!

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