Friday, May 4, 2012

Evan attended his first piano lesson yesterday at V&A music school (formerly known as Ann Perreau's). His piano teacher is Ms. Phylicia Yeo who also teaches him music appreciation. The piano lessons are 1 hour each weekly on top of his music appreciation classes which are two-hourly group sessions.

Evan appears keen to learn and he is happy that he can play a tune on the piano - even after his first lesson! Marissa was also fascinated that her brother can play and she observed him. Well, Marissa will start her music lessons next year.


Anonymous said...

May i know how much is the 1hr piano lesson? because we've encountered numbers of setbacks in the process of hunting a piano teacher for our child. most of them only willing to teach 30min or max 35min for beginner or grade 1 the fees ranging from monthly RM150 to RM180 or RM60 per lesson for home lesson on top of extra RM50 for transportation.
thank you, Eunice

Hui-Wearn said...

We pay a package price of RM1900 per term of 15 weeks for 1-hourly individual piano lessons and 2-hourly group music appreciation classes.

So best you call up to enquire if you only want piano lessons.