Monday, July 7, 2008

Poo Poo Princess

Marissa is already 3 weeks old - she's growing well - last time we weighed her was last week and she was already 3.9kg. So I guess she's over 4kg by now. She's been breastfed exclusively and on demand since her birth. She feeds about every 2-hourly but sometimes more frequent and sometimes less frequent when she naps for longer periods. But when she's awake, she poos a lot! I change her diapers more than 10 times a day! Good thing I have this changing table with all the necessary items within reach - cos when she's wet/soiled she's really unhappy and will let us know so we can change her diaper ASAP. Will start using cloth diapers soon (I have a drawer full of Bumwear onesize cloth diapers). Managed to win 4 small Fuzzi bunz diapers with inserts from UK. The diapers are on the way so will try them out on Marissa once it arrives. Paid about RM50 for each.

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hanim khalid said...

congrats on your new born.sorry to hear about her beeing admitted for jaundice.glad to hear that she's ok. my daughter,Sarah now 19mnth was admitted as well after birth due to jaundice. i came across ur blog as i was browsing for montessori-child care for my sarah. I went to "lil beansprout" two weeks ago.plan to enroll my daughter there. reading ur blog i can see that there are lots of fun overthere. can u share with me ur views of the school.i have a little setback because my daughter just turned 19mnth. afraid that she is too little/small for the environment there.i was told that most of the kids there are above 2 yrsold.what do u think?hows the experience like for ur Evan?

hope to hear from u.thanks.