Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dressed in Gymboree

After I found out that I was conceiving a baby girl, I went on a Gymboree shopping spree on ebay (was really excited!) and purchased an almost complete (didn't buy the fruffle and blanket) collection of Gymboree baby girl layette line : Botanical Babies in size 3-6mos. The collection was simply adorable in the colors purple, green and white and with dragonflies and floral motives. The collection was released July 2007.
Marissa is only 6 weeks now but the clothes fit her ok - loose - but ok. Guess I was quite excited with the news and went slightly overboard with the shopping.

Retail price : Bloomer 2-pc set : USD$29.50, socks : USD$4.50, crib shoes : USD$14.50

Bought a pair of Gymmies (Gymboree's pajamas) for Evan. Really super comfy material and with his favourite bugs and creepy crawlies on it. It's a size 4 - meant to wear snug fitting. It was a Gymboree Sleepwear collection launched in May 2008.

Retail price : USD$19.50

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BuffaFly said...

marissa is looking even more like evan now. same factory...same chop huh.