Monday, July 21, 2008

1st day at Church

Evan & Marissa all dressed up for church yesterday - 1st time for Marissa since her birth. She quietly slept in the Maxi-Cosi most of the time during the service. Evan on the other hand was soooooo noisy - even the children's room couldn't contain him! We gave out Full Moon gifts to the church members.

My mom insisted that Marissa should wear something NEW on her 'birthday' - I didn't have any dress suitable for her - the two dresses that I bought from Gymboree were still too big. After looking through her bag of new clothes, we found this one - a sweet pink swing top (thanks to auntie Priscilla & family). The size is for a one-year-old but for a one-month-old, it fits like a dress. Marissa also wore a fruffle from Gymboree.

We ordered cookies in the shape of baby booties & bodysuits, and chocolate butterfly cupcakes from Pretty Frosting. They have a stall during the weekends at the Amcorp Mall Flea Market. As for the eggs, we boiled them at home and wrapped them up. Looks too cute to be eaten, eh?

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BuffaFly said...

so cute... girls clothes can give quite good mileage too... blouses can start as dresses and dresses can wear till they become blouses!