Friday, August 15, 2008

Celebrating at Lil Beansprouts

August 14th : Evan had another birthday bash at Lil Beansprouts Montessori. The party started at 10am . I prepared 40 party packs for the celebration. The theme being BUGS. Each party pack contains a box of raisins, Sandylion honeybee stickers, a ladybug fridge magnet craft kit - all in a Spider paperbag.

When we arrived there all the kids were already waiting for us behind the table - ready to smile and pose for the camera - they are pros at this. I ordered 40 butterfly chocolate cupcakes from Pretty Frosting. Evan's birthday candle is in the shape of a butterfly too. They sang their signature cha-cha-cha birthday song. Evan was asked to make a wish before blowing out the candle - he closed his eyes for sooooo long (I don't think he understands what a wish is). Then his friends tried to help him blow out the candle but in the end, he managed to do it by all himself.

Everyone sat down and enjoyed the cake.

Evan ended up with a chocolate moustache but he finished the entire cupcake.

Evan distributed the party packs to all his friends. He also received a birthday gift from Lil Beansprouts. Then it was time for games. We left shortly after. I was amazed that Evan was so quiet and obedient in school - he's totally the opposite at home!

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