Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Evan's early birthday & Marissa's belated full moon party

Evan's so happy to celebrate his 3rd birthday! We've decided to have the celebration on 2 different days to accomodate the large number of guests. First up, on 10th August, Sunday at 6pm, the party catered to family & relatives from both my side and Larry's.

We ordered a simple cake from Secret Recipe : Sugar-free Moist Chocolate Cake. Wording on cake : HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN & HAPPY FULL MOON MARISSA. It was tastefully decorated. Evan enjoyed eating the cake.

Enjoying his bowl of meehoon in his room. About 30 guests made it for the party. Larry's mom catered the dinner from 4 different people.... Menu included a variety of Chinese dishes : Butter prawns, meehoon, fried rice, fish curry, chicken curry, mixed vege, crab balls and kuih. I got the maid to prepare the red eggs, and I prepared the drinks. We also served seedless grapes - also another of Evan's favourites. Evan's really looking forward to the next party..... plus the one that will be held in school.

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