Saturday, August 30, 2008

About Marissa

Marissa is about 2.5 months old now. She loves her tummy time. She can respond in her own baby language whenever we talk or play with her. She can laugh and smile too!

During the daytime she takes micro naps from 15 minutes to 1 hour. She will cry if she's awake too long or overstimulated. At night, she can sleep through - I usually wake her up for feeds after 4 hours or so. 

At the recent Parenthood Exhibition at Mid Valley Megamall Convention Center, I purchased a diaper package from They opened a booth together with Tiny Tapir. The diapers are really really luxurious and high quality. Each diaper package comes with 3 diapers and costs RM300 (just the diaper cover no insert). It's Blueberry Minky One Size Pocket Diaper with snaps. The fabric is soft velour. I chose 3 different shades : purple, blue and red (tanzanite, sapphire & ruby). The diaper can be adjusted to 3 sizes : S, M & L. Lots of snaps at waist to get a good fit too. 
Compared to Bumwear, this is much much better. With Fuzzi Bunz and Blueberry I don't get any leakage at all. Marissa was on Bumwear and most of the time I get soaked in urine! I have stashed my Bumwear diapers aside for now. Plan to get another diaper package : this time most probably Itti Bitti D'lish as recommended by Grace of Lil Danzell. The D'lish diapers have a super trim cut and is ideal for crawlers. However the diapers are fitted All-in-ones and comes in sizes. Cost is RM270 for a package of 3. If not, I think I will go for more Blueberry diapers in other shades/patterns.

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