Friday, September 5, 2008

Play Time with Evan

Evan all dressed up in a Firefighter costume complete with accessories.

Evan playing with his new jigsaw puzzle : Clementoni 60-pc Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Puzzle. Getting a bit harder to find more and more challenging jigsaw puzzles for him....


Wei Chung said...

evan: Put oup da pire~~! (pointing torchlight at kao pu)

(kao pu puts out the fire)

evan: tankyu~

(kao pu remains silent)

evan: TANKYU~!!

(kao pu remains silent)

evan: tankyu KAO PU!!!!!!!

kao pu: ur welcome evan =D

evan turns away from kao pu... n repeats the whole scenario again..

hui-wearn said...

yeah - khaufu is super good with the fire extinguisher!

btw, i've bought another puzzle for evan - clementoni 104-pc Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. this one is very challenging and he can't complete it without any help.