Monday, September 1, 2008

About Evan

Evan - with spider tatoo on left arm. Evan has become more and more independent. He insists on dressing himself and also feeding himself. He also wants to brush his teeth all by himself. Getting more and more independent but somehow he refused to say so whenever he needs to pee / poo in school. Occasionally when I pick him up from school, he will say "Evan shee shee in the pants!"

Evan's Playmobil toys - shown here are a mixture of Playmobil 1-2-3 & Playmobil for 4+. Playmobil used to be widely available in Malaysia way back in the 80's. I remember playing with them when I was in kindy. The old name was Geobra or Klicky. Now, Playmobil is only available at Planete Enfants (Atria & The Mall). My brother Wei-Chung who's studying in Germany recently came back for his summer holidays and presented Evan with 4 boxes of Playmobil special (figurines).

Evan also has a few sets of Lego Duplo. This is Evan playing with his Lego Duplo Pirate Ship which I bought for only RM200 (NP : RM599.90) during Toy's R Us sales at Avenue K. It's really big and can even float in water. Talking about Lego, my other brother, Sau-Wern is in the midst of opening his own online store : selling LEGO. He was bitten by the Lego bug not too long ago and has amassed a huge Lego collection of Castles (his first Lego set was a castle) and Pirates.

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