Friday, November 14, 2008


I am sure getting very lazy nowadays to update my blog but at the same time busy with managing my ebay store.

Since Marissa turned one month old - I have had the priviledge of enjoying the luxury of having a helper around the house. That person is none other than my mom's Indonesian maid - Yanty. She's in her mid twenties, married with a 5-yr old boy. She started out at my mom's place and her main job description was to care for my granny. Granny eventually passed away May 2008 so my mom and her sister decided that I should take the maid because Marissa was due in June. After a discussion with Larry, we ok-ed the decision.

Yanty prepares Evan's meals everyday according to my instructions, vacuums/mops/washes the condo almost everyday, prepares ingredients for cooking (if I decide to hone my culinary skills) and helps out with Marissa very well. There's also the laundry and ironing to do as well.

She will be leaving once her contract expires end March 2009. I hope that I can cope well then. In the mean time I am thankful for this arrangement.

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