Monday, July 19, 2010

Packing Party Packs

Evan will be celebrating his 5th birthday at TJC in about one month's time. I've ordered cuppies with creamy swirls in 4 different colors: purple, green, yellow and red (colors of LarryBoy - Evan's favourite superhero).

I've bought a set of 10 candles from Daiso - thinking of using 5 for the school party and keep 5 more for another celebration at home.

As for the goodie bags or party packs, I bought cellophane bags from Daiso : only RM5 for a pack of 22 bags. I also bought tubs of play dough from Toys 'R' Us last month.

I asked Evan what he would like to include in the party packs and he said "cheese curls" a.k.a Twisties..... he ate 1 packet the other day in church - given to him by the Praise Kids Church teacher. He also said "jelly" and "marshmallows" (stuff that teachers at TJC give to the schoolkids!)..... so.... ok.... it's his party so he's gotta make the decisions.

We went to Carrefour to buy the stuff and Evan promptly grabbed a huge packet of Twisties and deposited it into the shopping cart. I took it out and told him that we were getting Corntoz instead. Twisties were sold in a large pack of 10 while Corntoz in a large pack of 8. There are 21 kids in Evan's class so I only need to buy 3 large packs of Corntoz which is of course cheaper than 3 large packs of Twisties. 

Then, we bought Cocon pudding in 3 flavours : strawberry, orange and mango. We hunted for marshmallows but couldn't find any (I was secretly happy, of course!).

We headed home and started packing everything. Total : 23 party packs (extra 2 packs..... just in case!)

Evan is so looking forward to his birthday party in school! As for a private home celebration..... still not sure what to do yet! Any ideas?


Allan said...

Gasp! Looks like what I munched away during World Cup!..:-p

Hui-Wearn said...

Oooooo.... how many kilos you put on???

i personally prefer keropok or potato chips for munchies....

Anonymous said...

Try a "round and round" theme party. All things round:

1)circle garlands - cut 2"-3" circles of coloured paper and paste on long strings to hang from ceiling or wall to wall - a fun activity you can do with the kid for his party. Balloons, of course

2)paste colored circles on food picks, punch out confetti for the table, polka dot table cloth?

3)round shaped food - mini donuts/pizzas, little round biscuits, macaroons and round cut fruit+veg!. Tiny circle sprinkles for the cuppies?

4)'round' game+songs (e.g. round and round the mulberry bush)

5)Have his presents in polka dot giftwraps.

6)Go all the way and ask guests to dress the round-circle-polka dot theme.


Hui-Wearn said...

thanks for the ideas on the Round & Round theme - will look into it!

prince n princess mum said...

Nice packing!