Thursday, December 18, 2008

6 months & 40 months

Marissa turned 6 months old on 16th December 2008. We started her on water, cereal and oats. She's still getting used to it. She also had her pneumococcal vaccination and developed a low-grade fever. She's also teething and I am still patiently awaiting her first tooth to cut through the gums!

She can move about on her own in the walker. It's from Mothercare and belonged to Evan. Marissa can reach for things and grabs them if she can. She can also open and shut the drawers and pull out her toys from ber cot pocket-tidy. We've also opened up the playpen but Marissa is still not so steady yet sitting up.

Marissa is Evan's no.1 fan! She simply adores her brother. Whenever he jumps or runs around or eats his meals, she laughs and giggles. Depending on his mood, he will also smile and say "Marissa laughing at you! (he meant 'me')". Evan is now 40 months old.


Alina said...

Hey u've got the Weebleville Town center!
I have lotsa weebles collections for my girl.

hui-wearn said...

oooo what sharp eyes you have!...Evan won it in a crawling contest.

Alina said...

Is it?
I actually bought it on eBay from a seller in US...she messed up w/my shipment and it was sent back to her...the whole thing turned out pretty ugly and I filed a claim from her.

I instead got a weebles tree house from another seller and had it posted to my rel in US.
Will hv to collect it when I go back to India...They recommend some of these weebles toys for Autistic kids!

How well does he play w/it?