Friday, December 5, 2008

In Holiday mode

Marissa is Santa's little Helper in this cute bib and hat and booties set. It was Evan's (thanks to Ruby - Larry's cousin who bought it from the UK). Evan is wishing for a Christmas tree for Christmas

Evan's wish list also includes Gingerbread people and Gingerbread house too. I've already bought him a Gingerbread house from IKEA (RM14) but we haven't assembled it yet. He enjoyed eating this Gingerbread man at Fit for 2 (RM5) while we had our dinner.

New outfit from my cousin Wee Keng who was back for awhile from the UK. Very lovely white pointelle butterfly romper with a cool blue jumper dress from Mamas & Papas.

1 comment:

BuffaFly said...

she looks exactly like evan in the first pic. If you didn't say that's marissa, I'd have thought it was evan!