Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to School - NEW school!

Evan has been really excited about going to his 'new' school. Larry accompanied him to Tadika Juara Cerdik on the very first day. Evan is enrolled in Jasmine class.... together with a dozen over other 4-year-olds (including Joseph). The number of boys in his class is more than double the girls.

Toys! Evan had no problems with the playtime - thoroughly enjoyed himself. Next up, the kids had to queue 'choo choo train' style to the washrooms to 'wash your hands before you eat'.

Most kids brought snacks from home but Evan's tupperware sandwich keeper was empty. His teachers promptly filled it with honey stars and cornflake cookies. Rest time was next and everyone had to fold their arms and rest quietly.
Assembly was next and the kids had a sing-a-long and dance session. Evan didnt want to do any of the actions but instead just observed his friends. After that school was dismissed.

I brought Evan to TJC on the second day. He was rather tired I guess having woken up much earlier than usual. He was OK but didn't really wanted to participate in the activities although he was prompted to by his teachers. One of his teachers even asked me whether Evan is a shy boy. Well.... he is totally the opposite! This pic was taken on the second day. Hopefully things will turn out better on the third day......

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jazzmint said...

wow...now I know Evan same school as Faythe :0