Friday, January 23, 2009

Marissa is now 7 months!

Marissa is now over 7 months old. She has taken possession of Evan's highchair. We washed and thoroughly cleaned it for her to use. Evan has so graciously relinquished the use of his highchair and he eats at his table in his room or at the dining table. Hooray for Evan!

We have also lowered the baby cot. Marissa can stand supported in there. She absolutely loves her bathtime and would cry whenever it's over. She wakes up more often now - up to 4 times a night sometimes!

She can almost crawl forward by lifting her butt upwards. Currently she crawls or moves everywhere except forwards.... She eating well. We still blend her porridge but less so she can learn to chew her food.
Evan dressed in his school uniform....playing with Marissa's teddy bear..... which he claims is his.

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