Friday, February 6, 2009

Bento Mania

Pic above shows some of my bento loot. The items were purchased from the following places :
1) Daiso (the Japanese RM5 store at the Curve)
2) New Stylish Tokyo (Online store selling Japanese stuff based in Malaysia)
3) Chooi Peng (MMB member selling bento stuff online - store/blog)
4) Michelle Sau (MMB member selling on ebay Malaysia)
5) Kinokuniya KLCC - Books
6) Acmamall - Book
7) Isetan grocery store
8) 100 yuan shop SS2

Haven't made any bento yet.... still busy 'studying' the bento books and collecting the bento gear/accessories. Hopefully will be able to prepare simple bento lunch for hubby to bring to work! and also to entice Evan to eat a variety of foods. Toying with the idea of bringing in wholesale bento lunchboxes from Hong Kong...... already gonna be ordering wholesale nursing lingerie from Fabulous Mom.

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