Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ox-picious New Year

We went back to Segamat for Chinese Niu Year on the first day itself and we were there until the 6th day. It's the longest trip ever for us for CNY. It was good that we could get the leave approved. Here Evan is photographed beside Kung Kung's fish aquarium.

Took this photo on the 1st day when I gave out the angpows to Marissa & Evan. Little Marissa was down with runny nose..... plus she also had the eye infection that plagued Evan last week. We brought her to Medicare again and was prescribed the same meds that Evan took....(well by the same doc who saw all of us.....).
While back in Segamat, we brought Marissa to see my physician friend : Dr Ling Kay Kwong (Klinik Medic & Surgeri) when she seemed to have a recurrent eye infection and her cough/cold meds ran out. Kay Kwong prescribed a different meds for her cold (which worked much better) and also some antibacterial eyedrops. He absolutely didn't recommend any antibiotics at all..... citing that too frequent use of it during infancy may lead to childhood asthma. Plus he also said that parents should not to be over-zealous in cleaning and disinfecting baby's stuff - some 'dirt' is good for them!

Evan was dressed in a cowboy shirt, cowboy hat and brown pant - all from Gymboree.

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